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Eye Care

Empower Eye Care Practices with small business credit cards specifically built for the needs and challenges of ODs, Opticians, and Ophthalmologists.

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Mercantile understands the problems of ODs, Opticians and Ophthalmologists; from consolidation of independent practices, to rising costs of supplies. With a significant percentage of US Eye Care Practices currently using our cards, we've worked closely with Practice Owners to build the best card products for Eye Care.

Eye Care Vendor Partners

Mercantile is proud to partner with leading Eye Care vendors in order to help them access thousands of Eye Care practices, while offering special terms to our Eye Care Practice Members.

What makes this the best card for

Eye Care

Mercantile worked with hundreds of Optometrists, Opticians and Ophthalmologists to build the best Eye Care Practice Credit Card. From vendor deals, to an easy to use card platform, or association dues paid; our cards are made specifically for Eye Care Practices.

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Rewards and perks tailored to Eye Care

From group discounts on frames, contacts, lab services, to membership dues paid, and cash-back, these are just some of the things we can work with you to build into our card offering.

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No personal guarantees, no annual fees, competitive rates.

Most small business rewards cards have some serious compromises. They might have high rates, large annual fees, or negatively impact an applicant’s personal credit. Mercantile cuts through all of that to offer cards that are actually rewarding for Eye Care Practices —without high costs or risks.

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A source of substantial non-dues revenue

In addition to the card benefits for your members, partnering with Mercantile also provides a new diversified revenue source for your with program royalties and dividends.

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Rewards and perks tailored to

Eye Care

  • Paid association dues
  • Eye Care vendor rebates & discounts
  • No impact on personal credit


Eye Care Practices

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"The AOA Business credit card has already been a positive in my practices. The initial reward of the AOA dues rebate was nice and the subsequent cash back rewards have been nice. Supporting the AOA has always been a priority in my career and being able to do that while also benefitting has been great. The staff and team are wonderful and it is, without a doubt, the best customer service in that industry that you can imagine.”

Dr. Matt Jones

Family Eye Care
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“I saw another Doctor whip her AOA Business Card out to buy something at the concession stand and thought to myself "I need one of those”

Dr. Jason Compton

Compton Eye Associates
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“We have had good experiences with the AOA card. At this time, we are in the process of changing over all of our vendor payments to the AOA card. Thanks to you and your team for proving this great benefit of AOA membership.”

Dr. Timothy Wilson

Isthmus EyeCare