About Us

Helping small businesses better compete with the big guys

Mercantile was founded to increase the purchasing power of small businesses.

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While it’s never been easy to launch a business, the last decade has been particularly rough for small businesses. From the internet stealing sales, to private equity buying and consolidating entire verticals, global pandemics, and labor shortages – these are turbulent times for brick and mortar businesses.

Mercantile exists to increase the financial resilience of small businesses. We do this through building tools that help SMBs save time, money, as well as increase their purchasing power, so that they can compete in a world that’s increasingly dominated by the big guys.

Who We Are

The Mercantile founding team comes from small business-owning families and saw first hand the work ethic, expertise, and resilience that being an independent business owner requires. 

We have directly experienced how existing bank offerings for small businesses miss the mark. By creating generic solutions, banks have built products which serve no small business owners particularly well. Mercantile builds products on an industry by industry basis to create offerings that adapt to each vertical. 

Our Values

We play the long game

We think in decades. That impacts how we approach decisions from personnel, to business structure, to partnerships.
We extend opportunities based on merit alone.
We evolve through curiosity
We rebel within the law
We control our costs
We support the learning process

We are ambitious in our objectives, realistic in their planning

Our goals may at times seem unrealistic, but are built intentionally that way. We recognize that the only way to hit them is a manic focus matched with careful planning. We go deep to understand and prepare for the steps required to achieve our objectives.
We ruthlessly prioritize.
We do not block.
We work smart.
Extraordinary outcomes require extraordinary efforts

We operate on trust

Talent goes hand-in-hand with positive attitude. We work with those who prove to be reliable and trustworthy. We do not tolerate cynicism and we do not bring on anyone who will endanger that environment of trust.
We welcome challenges to our ideas
We shoulder the load side by side
We build up, not cut down
We are transparent and coherent

We work from inspiration

We understand inspiration and energy are not distributed equally between days. We believe in working in bursts of inspiration, and breaks — not in steady low output routines. We recognize the cyclical nature of work and rest.

We turn on a dime

We observe and respond quickly to market feedback. We recognize the unforgiving nature of business, and evolve quickly to adapt to circumstances.
We want to learn about problems as they emerge — not as they become apparent.
We surface ideas & problems at 30%
We work to improve the core idea, not cut down lack of detail
We actively seek out feedback

We control our outcomes

Strong conviction in our ability to influence outcomes is key to win. We believe in controlling our destinies. We don’t accept external factors as valid excuses.
We brute-force luck.
We celebrate the details.
We take pride in what we do.

Are you our next teammate?

Check out our careers page to learn more about our open opportunities and what it’s like to be a part of the Mercantile team.

Our investors

Mercantile is backed by some of the best investors in the world.